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5 Tips on How To Find Your Voice

By March 27, 2019 June 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Voice, in case your wondering, is not referring to the way you speak in real life rather how you write. In case your still confused you could imagine it as your very own style of writing, your one of a kind signature on a book. And when a reader goes to read they’ll go “Yup, this is definetley (your name here).”

When you’re starting out it can be hard finding your unique style. So lucky for you Ellen Brock, professional freelance editor, has created a video with 5 tips on how to find yours.

They Include the following:
0. Read a lot, and don’t try to steal someone else’s voice(These ones were not mentioned in the numbers, but is still good advice)
1. Write with intention
2. Experiment with point of view
3. Edit
4. Know the basics
5. Relax

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