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Things to Avoid in Your Worldbuilding

By April 24, 2019 June 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Worldbuilding is the process of, well, building a world. What do we mean by building a world, we mean that you take your story and create a setting for it that is different to our current world, however this does not mean that worldbuilding can’t apply to stories where the narrative is set on Earth. When the narrative is set on Earth, and involves a changed aspect, then you need to find how that thing works in the world, so bam, worldbuilding. Down below we have linked an article to 7 things that you should avoid when creating you’re vast world. We’ve listed the seven items, but we still suggest  you go read the article for farther insight.

  1. Not thinking about basic infrastructure
  2. Not explaining why events are happening now
  3. Creating fictional versions of real-life ethnic groups, than don’t go beyond one dimension
  4. Creating monolithic social, political, cultural, and religious groups
  5. Inventing a totally logical history
  6. Not giving a strong sense of place
  7. Introducing a superpower without accounting for how it would affect society

To view the article click here.