Basics of Getting Traditionally Published

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Hello Writers and Readers, and welcome to this weeks post on the topic of getting traditionally published. Traditional publication is where you send off your book to be published by a publisher, or a company that distributes and markets your book for you, but unfortunately it is not as easy as just getting it sent off, there is a variety of hurdles that you have to jump before getting to the end. And to help you understand more fully the steps you need to take in getting published we have found this video by author and YouTube content creator, Alexa Donne. She has created a great deal of helpful videos for starting and growing writers, she has also released the novel ‘Brightly Burning’ which we will link at the bottom of the summary down below. Go check out some of Alexa’s videos on her channel and click the subscribe button.

For those of you who have already finished the video and want a quick recap of what was mentioned then we have prepared a summary for you, but for those of you who have not watched it and just want to read, then go back and watch through with the volume turned down and give her a view while you read through our short summation of the content in the video. Enjoy.

There are two options for publication, there is self-publication, and traditional publication. The difference between the two being quite self-explanatory, where self-publication is where you publish a book by yourself, and traditional publication is the only other option of publishing through an established publisher. Some of the pros for going down the traditional publication route is that a lot of the best publishers have been in the industry for quite a while, and know exactly how to sell and distribute your book to the hands of readers. They also handle the business side of releasing a book, such as marketing and sales. But in exchange for this service you have to be willing to give up some of your profit to the publishers. But publishers also pay authors in royalties and advances.

However, before you can even think about getting into one of these publishers hands, you have to think about getting partnered up with a literary agent. A literary agent is someone who partners up with you and tries to help negotiate you through the hurdles we mentioned earlier, and also get you through with the best possible outcome. But, before you contact a literary agent you need to have written and completed a story, and after that you need to find a literary agent that will partner with your book, and to do this you need to write an agent a query letter. A query letter is a written pitch for you book, with some sample pages of your novel. And assuming that the literary agent likes your work they’ll take you, but it may be hard to find someone that will take you in, but don’t let this deter you. After you find a literary agent it is possible that you will revise with them for a little bit, but after that you will send your book into submission. Where your agent is trying to sell your book to an editor, to be, well, edited. But this process can take a while and also have disappointing results. Once you do find an editor, and they help you edit your book, they you are finally admitted into the grand kingdom of publishers. In this kingdom your agent will negotiate and work out the best possible deal for your distribution and control in the project. Once the deal is negotiated there will still be time before the book is published, this time can range between averages of 18 months to 2 years. In this time the publisher will go through a variety of edits on your book, and also the sales and marketing team will be put to work. And in the end bookstore placement is not always 100% guaranteed, they can still say no, but that is why you want the best publishers, with the best teams.

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