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How to Improve Your Writing With a Comedy Mindset

By May 1, 2019 June 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Hello Writers, welcome to today’s article, this week we step into the world of comedic writing. Comedic writing ranges anywhere from stand-up comedy, to the funny line in a book you’ve read, even up to the big screen. Comedy is a very important part of our every day life that is able to bring joy and laughter to the faces of many, which is also why it’s very important to know how to write with comedy in mind.

Today we have found an article written by Leigh Anne Jasheway, on 1o Ways to Improve Your Writing While Thinking Like a Comedy Writer, below we will summarize the article, but we do suggest reading the original article for a fuller understanding on the topics brought up. Click here to view the article in full, there is also a link at the bottom of the summary.

#10: Hold Your Readers With Incongruity

Incongruity means to be out of order, or out of the proper state of things, or in a more simple way of putting things, out of the norm. By combining unexpected elements together you can create an engaged audience of readers or viewers.

#9: Keep Your Readers on Their Toes

The art of misdirection, is how the article explained this concept. Explaining to your audience that something is probably going one way, when in fact it is going the other. They also gave advice to come up with strange ways that something happened, like how someone broke their leg.

#8: Find an Element Worth Repeating

Having an element of your story that is being repeatedly brought up in funny contexts is a good way of giving your reader a sense of being on the inside of a joke. Often repeating things twice can help build up for the third time where it becomes more of an excepted thing.

#7: Use Familiarity To Your Advantage

This refers to such things as ‘Running Gags’, this is where a situation or catchphrase repeatedly shows up in your work. The gag also doesn’t have to be a gag, it can be just any endearing character quirk.

#6: Satisfy Readers With a Callback

Callbacks are where you refer to something that happened earlier in the story, and then use it later. Often callbacks can lead to a sense of completion in the audience’s mind. This also doesn’t have to be funny to work, in can be used for both serious and emotional scenes.

#5: Employ the Power of Play

It is a good practice to try and be in a good mood while writing comedic or light-hearted scenes, so as to prevent the drain of creativity. If you are having trouble just naturally being in a good mood then you can try and find activities to help you enter the right state of mind.

#4: Stretch Yourself Short

Humor lends itself more to shorter writing forms, such as one liners. The article also said that practicing one liners can help you come up with fun and attention grabbing titles for novels.

#3: Use the Power of 10

The power of 10 is in reference to the practice of writing a joke ten times to create the funniest version of it. The power of 10 also works for brainstorming names, concepts, and ideas.

#2: Nothing is Off-Limits

In comedy there are a lot of comedians that push buttons and boundaries through their humor. In able to do this you need to be fearless and immovable in your craft.

#1: Expose Yourself to Others Work

Exposing yourself to others comedy and writing, can help you come up with your style and voice, and once you find that you can find what you want to write.

Alright Writers thanks for reading, and don’t forget to read the full article by clicking here. Okay now, go and have a good day!