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How to Write Cosmic Horror

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*Disclaimer: Extreme doses of sarcasm

Hello Writers and Readers, and welcome to this weeks post on the fascinating genre of Cosmic Horror, the genre that links the supernatural of the beyond with the supernatural of horror. We get this video from the hilarious content creator and writer, Terrible Writing Advice, who has an entire playlist of videos like the one up above, we suggest you go and subscribe, we’ll link everything down below. If the name doesn’t give you any hints on how you should take this ‘advice’ then we will, most the stuff in this video should not be taken literally, you should instead reverse what he says into the correct answer. Oh yeah, and there’s an article about his actual thoughts that we will be drawing from to create a brief summary of the video down below.

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Cosmic Horror, also known as Lovecraftian Horror, because of it’s initial popularization by H.P Lovecracft, is the genre in which the cosmic stems from the great alien creatures that exist beyond our grasps, and the horror is the simple, but great, fear of the unknown and how we might just be tiny insignificant smudges on a map that cares for nothing and no one. Sounds fun right! One of the first things you should do is create the cosmic entities that will haunt the depths of your readers mind, don’t give the reader something that lurks in the shadows or is ‘indescribable’ give the reader something terrifying to imagine. These creatures can vary vastly as we do not fully know what lurks beyond the visible universe, or very much of what exists in our actual universe, meaning that you can use the full extent of your mind to create something fully unique, don’t just rip off someone else’s creation. The process of trying to describe your creation can be difficult, but you just have to push through until you find something that sticks. Often this genre brings up the idea of cults, and how they summon up this vast being from the great beyond, but these cults can come off as just nonsensical in what they’re doing, so actually do some research and create something that will make your reader sleep with the lights on while watching a light-hearted comedy to help erase the horrors. This genre can also work pretty well with fantasies that operate under a darker tone, but this only really works with a slow build up that allows the reader and characters to speculate on what the true nature of your story is. Just throwing in a beast that is beyond time and space into your story without something leading up can come off as just lazy writing, which it most likely was. Don’t take the genre and destroy what it is as well, by taking out more and more of the horror genre you just end up with a story where someone is going around and beating up aliens. This genre can be hard to sell as it is mostly about how humans don’t ultimately matter, which is something that we don’t quite like to think about, but possibly you can take some of this advice and finally push it into the mainstream. We wish you luck writer. And since we couldn’t find where to fit this advice in the summary we thought we would be great writers and just tack it lazily on the end. Don’t be racist. Alright done.

Hope you all enjoyed, go check out all of the links above, subscribe to Terrible Writing Advice’s channel, and see you all next week! (*epic outro music plays*)

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