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How to Write Physical Character Descriptions

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*Disclaimer: Small Amount of Language

Hello Readers and Writers and welcome to this weeks post. We found an awesome video by ShaelinWrites, an awesome content creator and writer. We hope you’ll like this video that she created on writing character descriptions, and if videos aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we put a summary of all the topics we thought were most important to share. But we do suggest you watch the video as it contains examples and a better explanation of some topics.

With main characters you should try to describe them as soon as you reach a low-energy moment in your book. Other characters you should describe as they’re introduced into the story. One good way of delivering character description without using clichés is to compare them with family members. You want your character descriptions to be brief, but still pack a punch. Avoid clichés, like looking into a mirror, and also a physical trait is not a cliché but how you describe that trait is what makes it a cliché. Don’t give your description to much detail, focus on key points that are needed for that current moment. Consider your characters tone or voice when creating the way that they view themselves or others. Make it interesting! Flaws are always more interesting than perfections. Absolutely no perfection, it’s unrealistic and boring. Find the unique details in your character. Description is more than the traits their born with, it’s also the traits they acquired or gained as they went through life. You can accomplish more than just an appearance through a characters description, you can also capture their essence and possible the emotions towards that character.

We hope you enjoyed and check out the links below, have a good day/night/evening, and see you next week.

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