Our Experience at Teen Author Boot Camp

By March 27, 2019 June 22nd, 2019 No Comments

This past Saturday (or whatever past Saturday dependent on when you’re reading this) we were able to attend the 2019 Teen Author Boot Camp. In case you missed our last post on it here’s a little summary: Teens were able to go to an event held in Provo, Utah for an all day ‘boot camp’ on writing. With real published authors and who could forget that your surrounded by a community of people who love to write. If you want more details you can click here to go to the original post on it.

If you were unable to attend this year we do hope you can come next year for Teen Author Boot Camp 2020. We will inform you all as soon as news comes around about that. And if Utah just isn’t in the cards for you, then don’t worry, we here at All The Writing HQ will be working hard to find events all around the world that you can attend.

Anyways, TABC was all in all an awesome event with some awesome instructors, or drill sergeants as they were called. We got a cool green t-shirt with a TABC bag to start with, then headed off to the area where they were selling books by the instructors and bought a few items then headed off into the main area where the keynotes would be. It was packed, we were told that there was almost 1000 attendees. We found our way to a table and listened to the introduction building with anticipation for the day to start. The people who put on the event are known as Writers Cubed and had prepared a video to introduce the morning keynote, Ally Carter author of Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, and the Gallagher Girls. We will not share what Ally Carter said until we release the article for it so keep an eye out for that. After the keynote we set off into our selected classes to learn. After our first few classes we gathered for lunch and got an amazing performance from author Tyler Whitesides author of Janitors and Wishmakers. He played some drums he made out of random buckets and containers, and it actually sounded great, he even brought some students to try it out. After this a few more classes, which we will discuss in detail in future articles, so, uh, stay tuned. We got to hear from the author Brandon Mull who wrote Fablehaven, Beyonders, and Five Kingdoms talk about his writing career, he had some great advice to give. After that it was almost coming to a close, we wished we could’ve attended everyone of those classes, but sadly we do not possess a time turner. There were some giveaways, of which we did not win, but that is fine we were there for knowledge. Finally it was announced the winners of the First Chapter Contest, sadly we didn’t win, but that will just motivate us to do better next year, TABC watch out. There was a funny competition against Writers Cubed and a few of the authors to make up a plot about a fake book cover, there was some pretty hilarious stuff in there. After it all it was time to go get our books signed, yay. We visited all the authors that we had books for and got them signed, then got in the long line that was Brandon Mull. We talked to a few of the other attendees until it was finally time to go. It was indeed an amazing time.

Keep an eye out for articles from our TABC notes, and catch you all later Writers.