Our Goals For The New Year

By January 2, 2020 No Comments

Woo! Confetti! Other party things like… pencils? You know what, nevermind, happy New Year everybody and welcome to the first article of both the last few months and the new decade of 2020. And we know it’s been a while but we have a plethora of really great excuses, all of which you don’t really care about, so we’ll spare you the details of the elephant parade and get right into it, what are our goals for 2020?


Well, let’s deal with the obvious first, scheduling. We held it together most of 2019 but in November (during NaNoWriMo) we fell off and took a sort of, uh… permanent holiday break that lasted up until now. We’ve been keeping up to date (for the most part) on the Weekly Writing Prompts, but that’s really it, and one cannot sustain themself on writing prompts alone we must balance our soul with quality tomes of knowledge. So in 2020, we hope to both refine our current schedule and stick to it so that we can bring you helpful content year-round.

We’ll be sharing our schedule as it is summoned into existence.

Content Overall

We want to make better content, but “being better” is a very basic goal, so let’s get a little bit more specific. How can we better? Well, the first step we can take is eliminating procrastination. Whether it be by candy or by nuclear armageddon we will be rid of the plague that is procrastination. And once we are rid of it then we will be able to write with enough time before upload to refine and edit thus making the post better overall.

And the rest of our ideas on how to improve our content will come with time, like finding how to properly integrate humor (is it like this), keeping one steady tone throughout the article so that we’re not bouncing around all the time (like this), and getting info across as well, because after all bringing quality info to writers such as yourselves is what this site is all about.

And speaking of quality info we want to progress in that field for ourselves. And what we mean by that is finding sources (articles, books, videos, etc…) and using them to learn. And then to solidify what we’ve learned we’ll turn it into an article and pass it onto you because nothing shows true understanding better than teaching.

New Content

In 2020 we hope to come up with new ways to excite you about the HQ and what’s going on at the site and the number 1 way to do that is through new content. And we don’t want to announce anything yet, mainly because we don’t have anything to announce, but we’re brainstorming up some new and interesting things for you guys. Things like book reviews, possibly inspirational quotes (but with a twist), and maybe even an All The Writing YouTube channel so we can make videos for you all to enjoy. But we don’t know what’s in store for the future, but hopefully, it’s *cool hand gesture and lip smack* quality.


You’re all awesome and talented people and we want to see more of your talents on both the site and our socials (@allthewritinghq), we want to see what you have to offer in the world of writing. What does that mean exactly? Well simple, we want to see your scripts, your novels, and your short stories (don’t worry we’re not going to steal them) and possibly post the best ones on our site. And so if you want someplace to try and get a start in your writing career… this isn’t the place, but it’ll be neat having your work somewhere to show. Stay tuned for more details on this later, it’s still in the works.


Let’s do it all tomorrow… ok fine next week… ok, next month… you know what, let’s wait for 2021.

Have a happy new year everybody, can’t wait to see you next year week!