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Quentin Tarantino Talks About His Writing Process

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*Disclaimer: Small amount of language

Quentin Tarantino is an American filmmaker/actor. He directed movies like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Django:Unchained. In the video above he talks about his writing process, if you are unaware of what a writing process is then here is a quick explanation. The writing process is the process that a writer uses to create their literary art, this process varies from writer to writer. Some of the things that Tarantino says can help you find your process and help in your future and ongoing projects. We suggest you watch the video above, but we will give you some of the main topics we thought would be helpful.

He starts by just searching through the ideas in his head until he finds the one, and to test if it is ‘The One’ he writes a little on it. And then he seeks finds his starting point and his ending point, then finds the midpoint from there. He gave some advice that once you reach the midpoint of your project you should know the characters fully, and become the expert on your world before continuing on. You even have to know stuff that doesn’t make it into the project. This tip is more for screenwriters than novelists, but he starts out by making a good read, or essentially a novel, and then adapts the novel to the movie by changing a few things. Something we really liked is that he said that a story is something that unfolds, because as someone reads they unfold new knowledge on characters, plot, and the world. Tarantino also said that characters are the lens in which your story is told through. And to find out what your main characters know about whats going on in any given moment, Tarantino himself in his first drafts lets himself be clueless along with his character. To finish off this article we’ll mention that the last thing Tarantino talked about was the fact that writers aren’t exactly result oriented, their there more for the journey of writing and creativity.

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