Writing Prompt #13

By June 10, 2019 June 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Hello Writers and Readers, and welcome to the luckiest writing prompt ever, Writing prompt #13. Our goal with these prompts is to help you gain confidence in your writing ability, to help you hone your craft, help get you into a habit of writing as much as possible, and maybe even inspire some of your future works. For those of you just starting out in the writing community, and don’t really know what these prompts are, then no worries we got you covered, here’s a brief explanation: At the beginning of every week we give you a sentence, idea, picture, or just anything that we think could possibly bring out your creativity, and allow you to take it and write what you will with it, and then the next week we post another one.

Also check us out on Instagram at @allthewritinghq, as we post there whenever we post here. Nothing really to shout out this week so on with the flibbin prompt, yea.