Writing Prompt #50

By March 4, 2020 No Comments

We did it, 50 prompts! That’s 5×10, 1+49, 2+48, 3+47… Blah, math, disgusting, this is a writing site. This week we were inspired by a couple of things, namely writing in general, the police slang of 5-O, and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. We hope you enjoy this strange combination of concepts for our special 50th prompt (2 more and we’ll have been doing this for a full year!), thanks for everything! :P
In case you don’t know what a writing prompt is, well first off, noob, and second off, we’ll tell you what they are (reluctantly mind you). Ok, so we give you an image, a sentence, a video or something stupid, just anything we find that could inspire a story. And then you, being the noobie you are, will try your darndest to create a decent story within the week timeframe we give you. Of course, you could also forgo the challenge and become a sad hermit in the desert, but hey, that’s a pretty interesting life, you could write about that. We’ll also be posting these on our Instagram @allthewritinghq so tolerate them wherever you find them. Have a nice time of existence, and we’ll enjoy your stories as well.