Writing Prompt #57

By April 27, 2020 No Comments

Been checking out some animes with our extra quaran-time, namely My Hero Academia and One Punch Man. And they’re really good shows and all, and we always enjoy the epic fight scenes, but it’s always just a little bit humorous—especially with OPM’s comedic take on the matter—when the hero calls out their special move.
In case you don’t know what a writing prompt is, well first off, noob, and second off, fine, we’ll tell you (reluctantly mind you). We give you an image, sentence, video, or something stupid, just anything we can scrap together really, to inspire a story in your tiny noggin. And then you, being the noobie you are, will try your darndest to create a decent story within the week timeframe we give you, capeesh? Of course, if you don’t capeesh, you could also forgo the challenge and become a sad hermit living in the desert, we won’t stop you, that’s a pretty interesting life, one you could write about. We’ll also be posting these on our Instagram @allthewritinghq so tolerate them wherever you find them scrub. Have a nice time of existence, and we’ll enjoy seeing your stories.